The good-news of Jesus is needed everywhere.  Yet God calls his people to engage specific people in specific places. Throughout 2017, God called our family of missionaries to participate in his work in South Richmond. Since then, we set down our roots, began learning the stories of our community, built relationships, and discovered our identity as a church. 

We love Richmond. And we believe it is a beautiful city of neighborhoods; where people of many backgrounds live, work, play and discover meaning.  It is a city marked by the very fingerprint of God.  Yet, Richmond is also a broken city.  It is filled with hurting, confused, divided, and under-loved people looking for true home and purpose.  We believe it is through Jesus and his church that people find their home and true purpose in him. 

As a church, we envision, pray towards, and are slowly becoming an embassy of God's kingdom here in Richmond.  We envision a vibrant church family who embody the Gospel and extend it into every sphere of life.  We envision a church that overcomes barriers of difference for the sake of God's glory being reflected through the unity of his people.  We envision a church that empowers people to join his work of restoration in our city. We envision a church that makes disciples in Richmond and beyond.

Jesus moved into the human neighborhood for us.  He lived for us.  He died for us. He conquered Satan, sin and death for us.  Through him, we are "no longer strangers and outcasts, but fellow citizens with all the saints and members of the family of God" (Eph. 2:19).  Our story is one of strangers made family in Christ.