Core Identities (Who We Are)

Our 5 core identities give shape to everything we do, both as a congregation and as individuals.  In Christ, we are...



God has adopted us into his family and we belong to him as his children. We commune with him as Father and trust his love and provision for us in all circumstances.

We belong to one-another as brothers and sisters.   We overcome barriers of difference to walk through life together; sharing meals and lives, bearing one another’s burdens, speaking the truth in love, and fighting for rather than against each other.

In a world of loneliness we are the hospitality of God.   We invite strangers and neighbors into our homes, relationships and church that they may taste and see the goodness of our Father.



God has given us new hearts to glorify and enjoy him in all things.  In every area of life, and every circumstance, we acknowledge the supremacy of Jesus, honor him and all we do, and enjoy him through all he has given to us.

We are gather to worship as one.  Each week, we gather as a community to re-orient the "compass" of our hearts towards God through the preaching of the Scriptures, the communion table, singing, and prayer.  

In a world of misplaced love and hopeless idolatry we reflect the glory of Christ.  We worship Jesus to be seen and heard by the world so they can see and hear Jesus and be drawn to worship him and find the deep satisfaction they are searching for.



God has brought us into his wonderful Kingdom which he rules through King Jesus.   We obey our King, enjoy his blessings and submit all our work, recreation, creativity, relationships, and service to him.   

We are fellow-citizens who live the “Kingdom life” together.  We bring the kingdom to bear on each other’s lives through our love, sacrifice, and generosity.

In a world suffering under the kingdom of darkness, we are stationed as an embassy of light.  As good ambassadors, we represent the kingdom of Jesus by embracing outsiders and extending the blessings of the kingdom into our spheres of influence.



Jesus is our great leader and he beckons us to follow him.   We look to him, learn from him, and follow him on the road of grace and spiritual discipline.

We are placed in each other's lives to help one another along the journey.  We encourage, challenge, and mentor each other so no one gets left behind. 

In a world of aimless wandering, Jesus uses us to make followers of all people.   We go into messy places, experiences and relationships in order to invite others to join us on the road to transformation and paradise.



God is the author of all human history and has authored our salvation.  We constantly have our minds, emotions, and imaginations stirred by story of God and his grace for us. 

We remind each other of God's story in order that no one forgets.  We use our words, creativity, and kindness to apply the good-news to each other through the many ups and downs of life. 

In a world consumed with bad-news we are sent to tell the greatest true story known to man.  We speak his story with our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers in order that they would be captivated by Jesus and have their lives re-written by him.