Core Identities (Who We Are)

Our 5 core identities give shape to everything we do, both as a congregation and as individuals.  In Christ, we are...



God has adopted us into his family through Christ and we belong to him as his children. We are united to one-another as brothers and sisters.   In a world of loneliness we are the hospitality of God.   



God has given us new hearts to glorify and enjoy him in all things.  We gather regularly to worship as one.  In a world of misplaced love and hopeless longing we exalt the glory of Christ. 



God has brought us into his wonderful Kingdom which he rules through King Jesus.    We are fellow-citizens who live the “Kingdom life” together.  In a world suffering under the kingdom of darkness, we are stationed as an embassy of light. 



Jesus is our great leader and he beckons us to apprentice under and follow him.   We are placed in each other's lives to help one another along the journey.  In a world of aimless wandering, Jesus uses us to make followers of all people.   



God is the author of all human history and has authored our salvation.   We remind each other of God's story in order that no one forgets.  In a world consumed with bad-news we are sent to tell the greatest true story known to man.